Developing and Executing Your Unique Tech Strategies & Tactics

Small businesses the world over struggle to figure out a workable way to manage their technology in the face of increasing, hard-to-forecast change. Learn ways to develop viable, change-capable strategies, and how to implement tactics that will make them work in your favour time after time.

A strategy is how you plan to achieve your goal – a tactic is one or more of the steps you take to put that strategy into effect.

For example, in order to increase sales of an existing product, you might decide that your strategy will be to establish that product as the best of its kind.

The tactics you use might include implementing a rigorous quality control program, using carefully guarded, proprietary production processes, and then deploying marketing campaigns that tell the buying public that you do these things to ensure that yours is indeed the best available product of its kind. And you might even price it accordingly.

Change is the only constant – learning to thrive on it will give your business the staying power it needs to keep on keeping on for you and your employees.

We can help you identify and clarify your business’s unique challenges, and by helping develop unique solutions that fit your challenges perfectly, give you a leg up in the marketplace.


Let’s share the adventure!


  • Identifying Your “Change Pain” Points
  • Finding Painkillers for Change
  • Transition Strategies
  • Transition Tactics
  • Surviving  and Thriving within Times of Change

Let’s share the adventure!