Every operating business today has digital assets in the form of files, photos, links, lists, and references that never seem to be on hand when they’re wanted. During the first three years of business, an astonishing amount of information flows before our bedazzled eyes, all of it going:

      into our computers or our paper filing systems until these bulge
      into a pile to be sorted and filed “later” (whenever that might be)

and we can never find the stuff again when we want it!

byteSMART can help tame the “storage closet wilderness”.

With intuitive, sensible organization and clear processes, we help support your operations rather than slowing you down and getting in your way.

Even better, we can help you achieve that while you continue to conduct your business — you don’t have to stop everything and do a massive side job to get where you need to go.

Most small and young businesses already have the software and hardware they need to handle the basics of this kind of thing, or can make good use of lower-cost, high-quality apps, so technology spending isn’t nearly as painful as

      a full-blown corporate document management system,
      a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system, or
      a fancy, esoteric digital asset management system

installed later in the game. It’s a matter of knowing how to find it and then how to use it, and how to decide if you’ve outgrown it after a few years.

In larger operations, who need to boost efficiencies and cost savings in order to level up their business, we help

      define the needs,
      shop for solutions,
      train on photographic and digital imaging techniques, document & digital asset management systems,
      develop digital workflows and current processes, and
      create a functional marriage of beauty and science to meet the business requirements.


For every small business, from micro-enterprises and non-profits to multi-employee regional organizations, we help

      generate, preserve and protect existing documents and images,
      safely recover those that have been damaged,
      efficiently establish digital libraries of your critical assets, and
      affordably increase your company’s online and print impact to help attract and retain your customers.

And we know how to safely and smoothly integrate your web site and online tools into the mix, and make your marketing and customer retention technologies sing in harmony.