Finding Your Business Information

At some point in their operations, every business generates enough information about itself that things start to get hard to find once they’re filed and stored, OR finds that information gets stashed in one business application and can’t be easily shared into other software that needs to use the data.

image Finding Your Information

You know you’ve got it…?!?

It starts with that spreadsheet you made last year, and filed somewhere safe – then there are 700 awesome images that you took of a special project that won an award, which are on a DVD somewhere, and you’ve always meant to pull together a decent catalog of your work, but you need one in a hurry now, and you don’t know for sure if you have all the product information and images for that.

Let me help you

     take the bumps out of the road forward,

     get a firm grip on your business information,

     get a handle on your computer AND paper file systems, and

     help you get things into an easy-to-find, safe, organizationally friendly and quickly re-usable archive,

     connect the tractor in your field to the books on the PC in your living room.

Let’s share the adventure!