Business Technology Workshops

Peaceful, easy learning!

Peaceful, easy learning!

byteSMART training is designed for the time-and-distance challenged small business.

Workshops are 2 to 4 hour sessions which offer the student a quick way of getting up to speed on existing and emerging technologies and processes.

These are offered over the internet unless otherwise specified in the workshop calendar item. Questions about them can be answered by contacting us via the workshop query form and/or via the registration process.

Some of the workshops we offer are:

  • Tech Barrier Busting for the Small, Social or Artisanal Enterprise: 3 hours
  • Technology Management for Micro-Businesses: 4 hours
  • Buying Technology for your small or micro business: 4 hours
  • Getting Real Help from the Help Desk: 2 hours
  • Understanding Tech Platforms for Small Businesses – Introductory Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones, Operating Systems and Networks: 8 hours in two afternoon sessions
  • Personal devices for the Techno-Terrorized: 3 hours
  • Online Marketing  & Sales Technologies for Micro-Businesses & Not-For-Profits 1 or 3 hour versions

Contact us to book a session for your group if you don’t see one already on our calendar at a convenient time for you. You can register for upcoming workshops double-clicking on the calendar entry and using the registration button on our workshop detail page!

Once you’ve registered, if you email us with a brief description of your particular issue, we’ll use examples around it in the workshop in which you are registered.

Let’s share the adventure!