byteSMART training is designed for the time-and-distance challenged small business person.

Hangouts are short, informal 90 minute sessions online using Zoom or Facebook Live events where a particular topic is discussed with an introductory presentation followed by an opportunity for discussion and Q&A among participants.   These are free, but participants must pre-register – if no one registers, we don’t do the hangout.  If one person registers, we do the hangout, and that one person gets our full, undivided attention! To see what’s coming up next, check out our current calendar!

Workshops are 2 to 4 hour sessions which offer the business person a quick way of getting up to speed on existing and emerging technologies and processes. These are online in webinar format or in person at a local (lower mainland British Columbia, south of the Fraser River) venue. Questions about these can be answered by contacting us or during registration from our workshops page.

image of Technology Fuzziness

Clearing away the clouds around technology

Program Courses are all managed on-line, so you learn from the comfort of your own home or office without having to travel. They run for one annual quarter, or 3 months, and your minimum time commitment is comprised of a 1.5 hour session each week during the quarter, plus a half hour of “homework” in applying what you’ve learned to your business.

Weekly course sessions are broken down into webinar/discussion time, activity time, and review time so that students get an information session on the topic, discussion in the group, a chance to workshop their approach to the topic, and a short review session to consolidate knowledge and skills gains.

Let’s share the adventure!