byteSMART training is designed for the time-and-distance challenged small business.


You can get your support in workshops (2 – 4 hour sessions offering a quick way of getting up to speed on technologies and processes), courses, (managed online, so you learn from the comfort of your own home or office without no travel; they run for one annual quarter – 3 months – and area 1.5 hour session each week during the quarter, plus a half hour of “homework” applying what you’ve learned to your business) or in consultation customized to your business project.

Business Team Consultation is designed to:

i) help those businesses who wish to undertake a specific technology project, but need temporary, knowledgeable and reliable support in making selections, buying, or implementing specific parts of their plan; or

ii) help develop the technology component of your strategic or business plan.


One-on-one Consultation is offered for:

i) those businesses who wish to take a deep, customized dive into their business technology and develop a robust long-term strategy and technology plan that will stand the test of time and grow with the organization; and

ii) those businesses just starting out whose technology is a key piece of their offering, but who do not have the resources to maintain a full-time employee or workgroup to help define and deliver their technology projects.

These take the form of Skype, email, telephone or in-person consultations, ranging from a short 15 minute overview through a half-hour exploratory session right on up to a longer-term technical project development and delivery contract.   You may explore these options by contacting us via email, via any of our social media feeds below, or by using our session booking button below:

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