byteSMART is all about helping smaller businesses thrive despite geographical distance, resource constraints and a challenging economy. We like helping business people get comfortable, safe and profitable using their technology.

Founder Leah Murray owned a small business through the early 1990′s. After a subsequent 10 year stint on staff at another Canadian business that reached global levels of operations, she returned to her rural, small town and small business roots.

Clarifying Consultation - Customer Centred!

Clarifying Consultation – Customer Centered!

Sharing the lessons learned in the ten years that she spent with the ‘little giant’, became ever more important to her as she watched neighbouring businesses struggle to manage the same issues she had helped to solve during her employment.

She thinks that small business is the backbone of every economy.  She believes that small businesses ought to have their own dedicated resources to help them get and maintain control of technologies that are moving fast and in unexpected directions.

She’s worked with farms, small manufacturers, hospitality businesses, artists, non-profits and coaching/training businesses to help get them on the road to their own unique successes.

Leah believes that each business person can set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals in life and work. And she believes that together, we are lots smarter than any of us might be alone. She believes that technology is the servant of the business person, and that its effective application will help us thrive in our individual pursuits. With the support of appropriate technology and skilled, helpful peers, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

Let Leah help you successfully manage the technologies at work in your life so that YOU remain in control, selecting and using the most appropriate and cost-effective to fulfill your needs.

Let’s share the adventure!